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Engineering | Systems Thinking

By: MIT xPRO | March 22nd, 2023
7 Minute Read

The oil and gas industry faces growing challenges regarding resource availability and environmental sustainability. As the push for clean, renewable energy continues, companies in the oil and gas space will need to adapt to thrive in the coming years.

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Systems Thinking

By: MIT xPRO | February 1st, 2023
3 Minute Read

Could your team benefit from system thinking training?

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Online Education | Professional Development | Leadership | Engineering | Systems Thinking

By: MIT xPRO | December 14th, 2022
6 Minute Read

It’s time to dispel the myth that online courses are only suitable for learning hard skills.

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Professional Development | Leadership | Systems Thinking

By: MIT xPRO | September 14th, 2022
5 Minute Read

System Thinking Is the Cognitive Skill of the 21st Century Look around you, and you’ll see: life as we know it is becoming more and more complex.

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Professional Development | Manufacturing | Engineering | MITx MicroMasters® Programs | MIT Open Learning | Systems Thinking

By: MIT Open Learning | March 2nd, 2022
3 Minute Read

Our world runs on increasingly complex and interrelated systems. Approaching problems in technical environments from a systems perspective is an essential skill for many professionals, as organizations look to drive and optimize complex projects under high-pressure conditions.

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Online Education | Engineering | Systems Thinking

By: MIT xPRO | October 20th, 2021
4 Minute Read

In the past 18 months, most of us have experienced what happens when supply chains falter. In a recent webinar, Dr. Chris Caplice, Executive Director of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and Dr. Bruce Cameron, Director of MIT's System Architecture Lab, discussed how the pandemic called attention to the interconnectedness of supply chains and the value of a systems thinking approach for professionals working in supply chain design and management.